Solar water heater ?

ETC - Evacuated Tube Collector

Solar water heating systems using vacuum tubes made of boro-silicate glass with special coating to absorb the solar energy are called as Evacuated Tube Collector system (ETC Systems).

How reliable is the E.T.C Solar System ?
The E.T.C. (evacuated tube collector) technology was first created and researched in renowned institutes of Germany and Australia. This has been successfully implemented across the world. It is proven to have had a reliable impact in countries such as the USA, Japan, Germany, Australia, Spain and China.
Now our customers in Uttarakhand are happily using ETC Solar heating systems.

Which capacity and model would be ideal for my home?
To determine this, you have to keep the following in mind: number of people in your home/number of using points/length of pipeline from the system to the using point.
For best we'll recommend you to contact our team, they will guide you for the best results.

Is the E.T.C. system suitable for hard water?
Yes, our Glass Lined model is best suited for all kinds of water-since it has a special glass-lined tank which prevents deposition of scales or impurities in the inner side of the tank. A few stains or particles may stick to the lower half of the vacuum tube but this can be cleared with the proper servicing that Solar Store team can provide you.

What maintenance and servicing is required?
In areas where water hardness is higher, or when there are lot of suspended impurities and dirt present in the water, stains can accumulated inside the vacuum glass tubes. By removing the evacuated tubes, these can the cleaned off, with the aid of proper servicing and plumbers, for which you can contact our team.
Ideally, it is recommended for you to service your system at least once a year, where your vacuum tubes and hot water tank would get serviced, and the rubber parts such as seals, grommets would be replaced, if required, as well.

What is warranty and life of the E.T.C. system?
The expected life of the ETC system is 20 years. These tubes have been guarantee for a 5 & 7 years period for any manufacturing defects or improper performance depend on the model.

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